• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Eyelids, of Visionary sight

they see, black and white
framed stylistic, ashen themed
round cheeks, gated eyes
and barren surroundings
to bleak, prophetic artistry

I see, transcendent skin
glistening, overcoming pixel limitations
heritage – reached for, displayed proud
broad shoulders undeterred
visionary beacon, of self-loving bravery

breath of truth, as a life mantra
wisdom of love, for eyes searching – beyond
aesthetic differences, a conduit of empathy
to vessels of scarlet consanguinity
a phoenix, igniting others with arrowed impassion

Khadija, by name
and like her namesake, a figurehead
for believers, for dreamers
of an end to nightmares like Grenfell
expectant – patience, for the dawning of equality’s might