• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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(…) and there are rooms, left empty, like some people I have met along the way. The light shines on them for most part of the day, but at night they seem to weep, softly, so as not to disturb the room full of people below. Inside that room full of people there are people with empty rooms inside them. They will try and fill it with food or booze or anecdotes. But when it is time to go, where will they go? Back to the empty rooms left behind, to their homes. And once they have opened the front door and flicked the light switch, the empty rooms will be made alive by their human presence. There might be things in the rooms in their homes that will fill those people again, if only temporarily – photos and heirlooms might bring back memories that might give them hope; bookshelves lined with some sort of company and comfort; the dishes and clothing on the drying rack shall remind them of their most basic needs and reassure them that those needs are being met. The curtains will let the light in whilst trying to convince them that most unwanted things can be kept out (…)

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(…) We should know beforehand where the matches are kept and the candles, in case of a power cut, in case we can’t find the torch or if it has run out of batteries. We should know where to find a match and a candle (…) a small flame to guide us through temporary darkness.