• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Aproned skin is mere dressing
An uncanny coverage of the valley of man
I prefer to strip away such nonsense
Display the life hinged
The tangle of impulses
Wiring the mind
Waiting for that red-light moment
The safe word to short circuit your torment

Each time though
You make me wait longer
Push me to peel you a little more
Expose every facet
Except …
Except, still you hide your face
This last delicacy you withhold
A mask of discrete indiscretion

Shall I tear it off?
Dismantle you for good?
Oh, now you smile
A subtle smirk, a hint of so much more
And you know I can’t resist
Desist from this craving
A raving lunatic searching
For the god in the machine