• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Expansive Blue

Living as birds do, will make us light in the head.
We’d be much safer on the ground, tied to our beds.

But there is so much to be seen, in the expanse of the sky.
It would be a waste of our time to stay down here and only wonder why.

So much time spent on the canals of the world.
Panama, Suez and Regents, that all bend and curl.

However, in the sky we can travel as the crow flies.
I do wonder if the owls up there think of us as wise.

We must remember Icarus, and not get too close to the sun.
As we do not wish to singe our wings, and fall, and burn.

I’m sure in no time we’ll be travelling through the blue at the speed of sound.
But, alas, we must not forget those still on the ground.