• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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Everywhere everywhere

I wear monarch eyelashes for you
     I could melt for you    like a candied doll   
       abandoned in snow
I collect pins     the nets fulsome with  
wings   pinned
        then free(d)   in 3/4 time by
next summer

blue   blue sky         I release
        to you
 a signature on blue note paper

a note signature on
        clouds all feather   weights of   
          scale    and wonder

everywhere    to   everyone  

  (if we make it through this winter)  

fluttering   upward

    a gaze that matches your eyes
      all gloss   and gossamer blur
all mannequin (about) the austere Polyxenes


Everywhere everywhere

      you are playing guitar in Austin with wrist bangle
       butterfly barrettes for August’s butterflies
    all eyes on your august barrettes