• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 05

Eternal Hope

In the Rural Hours of 1851,
when New York was wrapped
in the hues of autumn,
like the spirit of a Lady,
ready to take a flight,
in the corner of a yellowish dried page
with a little more care,
you could witness an enchanting sight:
A pair of Birds,
fluttering, chirruping and singing
clinging to a notion of Spring.

Perched on the blooming bud,
the Red Throated Humming Bird
sang songs of happier times.

With the melodious chants,
the pair wanted to wake the plants,
and the sleepy pores, trying to bring back
the glory of spring, that now is lost.

Trapped in the middle of a pale page
the spirit of the birds have broken the cage,
with a curious heart
whenever someone stumbles upon their story
they sing of an eternal hope in full glory.