• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Etch A Sketch of Pain

Paint in the contours – liberate the palette
of fear, trauma and terror – burnt up orange.
Fur up the jacket and gaze and gaze.

Eyeball the man, who is only doing his
job (well someone has to do it).
And that someone is a Mother’s son.

Who wanted better for him than a man in
uniform upholding someone’s intransigent
laws – who shoves men, women and children around.

But there has to be rules and regulations.
Or there would be anarchy – wouldn’t there?

Removed from a train – on their way to Auschwitz.
Removed from a lorry – on their way to Britain.
Removed from a boat – on their way to Germany.
Removed from a border – on their way to the good old USA.

Always the same answer – we have to protect our borders.
You need to seek asylum in the first country you arrive in.
So stay put, place your dreams on hold or just return to hell.

Addendum to the Asylum Seekers' Handbook:

Basically there are not enough empty pages with
sufficient space to fill in the gaps of your stories – SHAME.