• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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Epoch, (part 1.)

Amid the sunshine and showers and the occasional bluster that you sometimes get in August, it occurred to her that it hasn’t always been like this. We as a species have been fortunate to have existed at a time when the Earth is temperate, the skies blue, and no falling rocks she sees, not yet anyway.

Epochs followed one after the other, the Bronze Age gave way to the Iron Age, and they could have built skyscrapers a lot sooner if they had not put the knowledge to making swords instead. Rome’s soldiers marched across the then known world, short blades and shields and people conquered. An idea saw the eventual end to Rome, ideas and words are powerful, a new church and ideology, land was no longer enough, men wanted other men’s souls as well. Those outside the circle, labelled barbarians; and Rome’s retreat, labelled ‘the dark ages’, where agricultural society was up for grabs by bearded heavies.

For them the oceans they crossed must have seemed endless and the villages they pillaged, alien. Only years later to settle down and integrate; tribe distinctions blurred and the birth of nations. It only took a couple of thousand years to get to modernity, consumerism and pop culture, for her it’s all lost now between the latest snippets of online news while applying lip gloss.

And after all, the skyscrapers were built.