• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02


In the midst of modern society, below the warmth and light of wealth and love, the blind creature swims. Without purpose it glides through the icy waters with no destination in sight. All it does is pump itself with self-pity that nothing, no matter how hard it tries, will give it the satisfaction of money and curing that hunger of greed and want.

As Christmas approaches it's blood turns brighter and it's skin fades darker. The flesh to what holds it together and which lacks no real beauty, becomes a tomb to the frustration it has within. It pitters around in the depths of the ocean with never having been in any bright light and certainly no sense of identity. However, don't pity this organism, for it shouldn't miss for what it has never had. Yet, because it glances above at the sun-warmed waters, it feels as if it misses out and thus pumps itself with blood, only green because of envy.

As Christmas approaches and those others around you become self-induced and materialistic, remember one thing. We are all swimmers in the same ocean. If others are given more light than yourself, that is not to say that you must glow with jealousy. Green is colour that should only be for grass and nature. Wanting more only makes the darkness darker.