• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Enough about me

For a world that’s been breaking a little day by day - and my fingers can’t stop going around the chords of my existence
A nod to the sun and the moon for they keeping us company - at least, for the time being - before everything ends like a Shakespearean sonnet, leaving us high and dry
And to all those who thought my fragility would get in the way - like some sort of hereditary disease, I have now learned to survive. Like the last piece of a puzzle that was accidentally pushed to a dusty corner, like the bread crumbles and tobacco that hid in my father’s beard; memories from when I was 10.
In the interim, I would rather perform for you a cantata - like a songbird by your window that’s prepping for holidays in the South, mid September.
If I learned anything from my mother, that’s to be polite, despite the thoughts that may dwell on my thinkings - haven’t you boy?
I’ve been like that my entire life - enough to have birthed you, enough to have been the reason why (a piece of the puzzle) you chose to be who you are.
Determination goes miles and miles without asking “am I right?”, “am I wrong”, “where did I fault you?”.
Deep down, we both speak the same language and quite possibly share mutual understandings about the whereabouts of where we’re heading. Nearly there, I guess. Catastrophe! Oh! Catastrophe! Merde!

[Silence. I’m reaching to my pocket from under my coat, looking for my cigarettes and lighter. Quintessential props for a transient moment.]


Enough about me

You know I speak, but you don’t listen - you see my lips moving faster and faster, tirelessly trying to come across as understood. It’s not your fault - neither is mine; it must be something in the timbre of my voice that gets everyone locked up with their thoughts about the asymmetry of my face.
Let it be. I’ll stand my ground - caught up in a lie, as per usual, because of all them broken records.

How to move forward when we're pulling each other down?

Enough about me - how was your day?


Enough about me