• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 09


I am speechless. I mean, literally. It’s not that I don’t have a language, because I do. But I can’t communicate with you. Also, I don’t want to. Because you’re an asshole. That look I am giving you is one of scornful disbelief. You probably interpret it as “dumb bovine gaze”, because you are incredibly stupid. I mean, any smart creature knows not to defecate where it eats. 

And yet, here you are. Having summarily taken over the only home any of us species anywhere on the food chain hierarchy has ever known, you have unapologetically screwed it up beyond recognition. And instead of making amends to other species, or slowing down the destruction, or even showing the slightest bit of remorse for this annihilation through your actions, you now brag about wanting to colonize the moon, and Mars! With high-rise buildings, and plundered resources from Earth, no doubt. Well, gravity is a bitch, so good luck with that. 

Melting glaciers, rising temperatures, increasing sea levels, deforestation – all for the sake of wealth. Is there anything of wonder or beauty that you don’t mess up with your Sadim touch? HA! You didn’t realize I knew about Midas or all your history and mythology that would have taught you lessons had you cared to learn them, did you? Homo hubris sapiens – that’s your scientific name. 

Have you heard the proverb “Stupid is as stupid does”? I’ll just leave that out there for you to ponder. I’m drained and exhausted by this vitriolic outpouring. As a normally taciturn and placid Highland cow, I don’t usually get this riled up, but you are the only species that not only takes pleasure in your idiocy, but disguises it as intelligence, and brags about it. Thanks, and good luck with that “shining future” thing, moron.