• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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End of the World

I fell in love with you at the end of the world
Where igloo meets earth, and words taste like bitter snow
Where only the fingers with the most stains can intertwine
Where tears permeate into a person’s retinas
Where sounds distort as they are imbedded into your skull
Where the taste of blood is treated like a fine delicacy, and not a course of savagery
I sometimes wonder if I am hallucinating seeing the sun
Or perhaps that is what I see when we slow dance so quickly I can only laugh
How truly rare it is to smile when the world has decayed up to your knees
“I can see all the ice melt around you when you whisper my name,” you say
Funny, I can see the same thing when you yell out: “Follow me love!”
We do not stitch perfection to our names, we do not seek out absolution
We simply hold each other up to the sky and hope for the best
I never doubt your sincerity, and you never doubt my candor
When you sleep at night I wonder what landscape your dreams favor
A world bereft of darkened skies and lonesome forests
A world highlighted by a million twinkling stars and flowers that climb up to the sky
A world drenched in fatigue and fear being awoken by a soft song sung among the fray
All these hypotheticals fall out of my frazzled head as I stare at your mouth
You remain silent but I can see the hint of a smile on your face
At the end of the world, I held you so close that you joked you could barely breathe
Then I told you something that has been on my heart for as long as I can remember:
“Because I found you, I truly found me.”