• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 12
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end of summer in rome

the obvious images to vanish
milky way and chocolate velvet cake
night-lit himalaya-scapes, the silky folds of a ballgown
oblivious to its flowing
for reasons it matters not to understand
bathe in the dream myriads of color, of texture
of all divinations of destiny
there is poetry everywhere, penless and wordless
generations of pages like brittle
autumn leaves willingly captive
to captivate our eyes into overtime
and inside light-year vast brain synapses
a quickness
chemical reactions which outsmart godliness
in philosophical evincing
then: a suggestion
an a-capella melody cornered in the sistine chapel
solitary and patient
the one day tourists flock elsewhere
waiting for something unimaginable
it finally buds into otherworldly resonance
growing beyond the grips of creation and death
into the L of life, pouring loneliness
back into love, its depths sought by the world itself
bathed by the universe’s unendingness
these visions are the bouquets of proof
that nothing is final


end of summer in rome

either here below our wandering feet
nor in the corners of imagination
transporting our inner light
this shining gaze
of wonder