• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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It sees you. Floating. It's never seen anything quite like you before. What exactly is it looking at? It doesn't know what to think. It's too far from its home to call for any sort of backup. It's going to have to make this decision by itself. It has a number of choices. It could leave you. Floating. You're not causing it any harm. It's going about its business, you're going about your business. But what if that's what you want it to think? Perhaps you do in fact want to cause it some harm. Maybe you've been searching for it your entire life; maybe capturing it would make you a hero. It's not going to let that happen – after all, it’s not stupid. It's actually far more advanced than you or anyone else could ever imagine. It's made its decision. It waits for the right moment before making its move.