• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 04
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a mythical presence—
the girl had been
enchanted by the witch …
her curse—she'd live out her
days connected to and unable
to release herself from the
hold of the butterflies.

now, as simple as this
may seem, it is indeed
peculiar. neither the girl
nor the witch had managed
to agree to any terms
more suitable than this, so
here is where the girl stands.

one could say, "the colder weather
will surely free her for those
months," and you'd be correct
in your thinking, however, these
butterflies have one task and
they will surely see it carried out.

how shall it be then for
the girl to live with a
hold such as this on her?
that is still to be seen.
she looks to the heavens for
some sense of relief—
none comes.