• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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My daemon slumbers when dull passivity
shuts down my mind. My eyes gawp at screens
paralysed by boredom, horror, lack of meaning, greed
for stuff to fill yawning gaps. Vital energy evaporates until,
almost comatose, I slam down the lid or shut off my phone.
Released into vivid dreams, I feel my daemon stir and pull
me back to leaps and bounds, cosmic sounds and magic.
I ride her spotted feline back and roar; I own comets,
meteors and stars, am magnetised by soft moonlight.
In my active form, I learn I count. I can make escape
from soundbites to leap alongside creature-kind,
my big-cat daemon and goddess Waghjai Mata.
Together we’ll defeat despair, and nurse Earth
to repair, to live and thrive for eons hereafter.