• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11

Eminent Scientist Returns!

!!Breaking News!!

Scientist: Dr.Hadgrove, delighted the people of East Gooner yesterday when he returned from his trip abroad to unknown lands. His eightereen pulled alongside the pier to the tune of 'Laissez-faire' (played by the local Skeens Regiment) to which he stood in prompt anticipation and respect.

The Mayor, Cliff Mitchell, shook his hand, remarking that it appeared 'Smooth as the Counts' and they then had their picture taken by a Mr.A Blackwood, (photographer) with the sea featuring as a natural backdrop.

Dr. Hadgrove made a small speech:

"I am returned from a journey of mystical significance and it is the result of years of contemplation and hard work from my team. The vast and numerous Islands of Rannaga are now successfully infected, we now await the fruits of our labour. Thank-you all."

A round of applause erupted from the gaggle of people who arrived in the nick of time, after hearing he was to make an early landing. Business men, workers, housewives and children lifted their palms to congratulate a spectacular achievement after such a long and dangerous journey across the sea.

Two eager children were spotted heading towards Dr. Hadgrove, one with a bucket, in the hope of him bringing home some spoils to which Dr.Hadgrove replied:


Eminent Scientist Returns!

"My dear children! Capitalism cannot be brought home to be put into buckets! But my dear children, wait but a few months and I shall show you how this marvellous disease can take hold of the whole world!" to which the two children gasped and beamed with delight, thanking him profusely.

The Queen was said to have sent a telegram ahead stating:

"We are so grateful for Dr. Hadgrove's efforts and that they are successful, will only strengthen our realm."

Dr. Hadgrove then walked the length of the pier and retired into the waiting limousine supplied by Mr.Frank Cranage, of Cranage Motor Suppliers.