• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10

Embracing The Journey

This image is biblical
Religion outstanding
Demanding attention
In my mind it is branding
My understanding is abstract
Just a little known fact
I imagine a warrior
With a large spiked bat
Wearing this image like a bronze fighting hat
Sitting at a fire
Roasting a rat
Horses tied up
Storm clouds and a breeze
Then a giant flash of light
That drops me to my knees
I begin to wheeze
Then a miraculous figure
Just above the trees
Jeez! It's Christ!
And he whispers ... just breathe
I inhale the glory
The power of God
He knights and blesses me
With a glowing golden rod
I have been saved
I have risen from this grave
From now I'll behave


Embracing The Journey

With gratitude of this gift, that he swiftly just gave
With love and respect
Without an ounce of neglect
The lord has mercy
And you'll get it, no sweat