• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12


Night wraps, stitching , sewing bodies, blurring boundaries and erasing distinctions between us
This chilling air is a reason, pretext of love, a bailable excuse, the blame of this flame between us
What's warm other than our chalked shadows, burnt cigarette butts, honey bleached stars, moonless trails, disowned dreams - unimportant, period What's the humming heart got to do with lonely whispers, rhapsodies of the swaying trees - nothingness, void, period
Let us let go of the duality to become each other
Let us become the rhythm and the lyric that makes a song
Let us forget the existence of individuality, forget the senses that separate, forget the labels that tag, forget the manners that make us behave
Tonight we will set ablaze the desire and burn
Tonight we dissolve in love
Tonight, we surrender and forget