• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

Earth and her Sheshnaag

Assimilating the ocean of infinity
The mermaid drifts away
From the throes of the mundane society on a lengthy survey
It is midnight,
The ocean reposes
Replete with crepuscular light
Sea waves gambol, rollick high
She flutters in the watery sky

Her clear-eyed mount
A marine ophidian equine
The twirling, hissing Sheshnaag
She is the earth
Perched on the protective hood
Of the serpent monarch
Ensconsing in the water
In the darkness of the woods
Her companion in the villein ride
To free her from the bondage
That the multitudes
Have unleashed on her.
His venom that energises her
Drives her, stimulates her
To break open her sealed chamber
In the hesperian green streak,
A lopsided smile on a tilted face
Trying to conquer a breathing space
To begin surviving


Earth and her Sheshnaag

For encountering a wave of change
Which is not in the oceanic range
A plentiful of ritual verse
Hummed through her body curves

A gentle breeze
Flowing with ease
Her clothes sway
In the summer of May
Her glittering tail is worn away
She manifested a dream
With a smiling scream
Her fin-like legs
She’s different from the rest
Rather nervous, a tad hopeless
All there is pitch dark outside
Yet a blinding glimpse of light
A joyful magic of the night
Presents to show her a way
Through fog inscrutably grey
In a brutal fray
Her lips play
Attempting to say
A reluctant farewell
A precious knell
With endearment murmured
To her mother revered
And the mermaid rolls away
In the profound, garrulous bay.