• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 01

Ears on our backs

Bring in the brash
the bold and the brave
three piece suit, top hat
a fine summers day.
Coloured in skies
aren't these times
so inspired?
embracing the need to aim high.

Sit back
take in a jubilant tour of the skies
about that?
are we rising free as birds?
or is this the fall?
and are we all
caged rats?
an experiment
growing ears on our backs
that won't flap
are you listening?
have you checked the sky traffic map?
are you even aware
of the air
we might lack?


Ears on our backs

I know
we must rise.
Aim high.
Keep pursuing the new
pushing boundaries
but if you don't mind
I'll take the parachute
I'd prefer to explore the unknown
on the ground.