• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

E.T. the Extraordinarily Terrestrial

The word/prefix 'Extra' is one of those in the English language that carries contradictory meanings. When you mix them up, it becomes starkly apparent:

'Extraordinary': additionally ordinary. More 'normal' than normal. Particularly mundane.

'Extra cheese': that which lies beyond the scope of cheese...

So, on those rare occasions when that monument of a word - 'extraterrestrial' - turns up, I sometimes wonder - what it might mean to be *additionally* terrestrial? If it didn't mean to be from 'outer space', but from... *inner* space?

And yet... aren't they just that? Neither Wookiees nor Asogians nor Little Green Men really exist outside of the confines of our atmosphere, or the orbit of our star - but only deep within us Earthlings, in our Earthling minds. Every image of them that has ever existed - film, ink, latex, metal, plastic, ceramic, light - is in the matter and energy of our own planet. Or, deeper than that - *extra* terrestrial - in the unseen inner-soil of earthbound souls.