• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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Dystopia Subway Train

A subway train door opens and Lo and behold!
A lawnmower, an army backpack, and a small storage bin barely visible
And strangely all the people have disappeared into thin air.
This is the Dystopia Train Special going to the main station in Chicago.

All the people were waiting for Godot by Beckett and Godot
Came and was so strong that all people were gobbled up
And disappeared.

Peace depended on the army backpack and the lawnmower and storage bin came
along for the ride left by the former occupants of the subway car.

Will the lawnmower ever be used again? Where is the conductor? Who will take
the tickets? Will the lawnmower move out of the way if people return to the train
system? Will people return?
Like in Poor People by Dostoevsky there are more questions than answers; why?

Is the subway a metaphor for global warming? Or for the battlefield of love/life?
Is the Mountfield X100 Lawnmower a metaphor for the USA?

Subway train to Chicago, LA, NYC, Beijing, Moscow, Mexico City, Havana, Caracas, Gaza, Tehran, Seoul, Lagos; where will it go to next? Get on, the ride is free, drop your army backpack off, mow the lawn and store your things; all is well on the Dystopia Subway Train.