• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Dwelling: in this place we breathe

solace with eyes closed, shut out
glare of hustle and bustle
that with the weight of an official thigh
stops our lungs and throat and mouth.

In this place we breathe, every breath
unshackles an enforced silence,
Every breath will be heard
as a voice that says we will breathe.

Out of the fire will speak those
who will be heard by those
who value profit over lives,
who celebrate a dominion over others.

Remove others weight from your lungs,
shackles from your hands and feet and thought,
walk everywhere without restriction,
start with the solace you find behind your eyes.

Dwell in the breath of protest,
Dwell in the words of those
who will not be silenced
until all can breathe freely.