• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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Dundee Santa Disaster; “Lost His Heid”

Yon Santa Claus, ae capital disaster a'richt –
Doon thi Dundee chimney, Xmas Eve nicht;
Rudolph aun a' the ither reindeer cam' doon
The lum nae problem, sleigh slithered doon
Jist fine, but Santa hud gorged himsel' – ower
Mony turkey roasts, aun fou fae sherry; tower
Ladder wis erected tae rescue auld S. Claus
But, readers; jings, crivvens aun help ma boab;
Rescuer cam' across Santa deid, "lost his heid"...

* Nae thi real Santa ye ken, jist in case bairns aboot *