• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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“A burglar tried to hide from police by standing in a shop window display and pretending to be a dummy. The 21-year-old had set off a silent alarm when he broke into the clothes store in Vigevano, northern Italy. Officers searched the store in the early hours but found no one at first.” - Ananova, 14/05/2002


There is a certain dedication in this.
I’ve stood stock still, and spent all day

selecting people from the crowds,

as they move around and pass my way.

It all started quite innocently 

when I hid at the end of their noses.

I’ve modelled myself on what’s around me,

hidden behind the Emperor’s newest clothes.

While I no longer bend,

my range of components has grown.
My limbs have become interchangeable;

nothing of me is my own.

I can no longer itch

and my eyelids do not flicker a beat.
I can look you in the eye and not flinch.
I don’t worry about the heat.

I’ve seen people shrink

when they walk in through these doors.
It’s something to do with ceilings is my theory.
I’ve probably considered yours.



The time to think has been useful,

and my mind no longer fears wandering.
What I can’t tell you about this

is not worthy of pondering.

It would not fit on the back of a stamp

and does not deserve to be read.

It’s enough that I am used to this.
I could do this standing on my head.