• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 08

Drowning in gold

Do you ever stare at something you find fascinating just in case you never get to see it again? Moonlight flickering on the rippling, black ocean; a perfectly carved, solemn statue; a neon sign illuminating the street in the mist; the milk rising to the top of the tea in a flourishing cloud of white. Sometimes the clouds look like paint on a canvas.

Do you ever touch something and never want to let go just in case you never feel it again? The warm sun on your back as you pluck grass from the earth and twirl it in between curious fingers; caressing a soft, faux fur cushion; stretching blue tac. The sensation of a shiver caused by the warm embrace of a hand holding mine makes me feel like I’m drowning in gold.

Do you ever hear something so sweet you wish it would never end? A powerful musical solo; an operatic symphony; a snort of laughter from a friend. Listening to heavy rain whilst I lay in bed is like a lullaby from the heavens.

I know not what life intends, so I stay here, in this gold, for as long as I can.