• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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Drop the Weight

Take back the frown, the worn-out cloak —
I am heading back to myself.

In this bewildering era, confusion
is always one step ahead of the answer.

Let go of small talk, anecdotes —
Let's face the facts and take over.

There aren't enough hashtags
to define us.

We've already started it
by re-wilding the garden.

Drop the weight.
The only way is through.

Look up: is that the sun setting,
or another fire burning what is left of our future?

Do not take a picture, speak out!
Write a book! Bring it home, bring them home:

the wild, unnamed, untamed. Hold them
close to your heart, your heart will recognise them.

Roll up your sleeves, happy in your own skin —
the world needs us,

the world is us.