• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Drink Before the War

We used to live but now we survive, and we focus, focus on staying alive at all cost, for if we fall, we are to blame, and there will always be a success story out there somewhere, but we will not be part of it, we used to shine but now we fade, we go broken, forgotten, like we’re the few casualties of a successful war, we used to live in romantic novels but now we know that everywhere is war and that we’re trapped in disaster movies with falling bridges, burning lands, train crashes and evacuation orders, or we’re stuck in a stupid political thriller with a thick but obvious plot, and also a happy ending except we are but side characters and nobody gives a damn about what happens to us, we used to forget but now we remember the myth of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to people but the gods punished him, or how another god sent Adam and Eve out of the heavenly garden after they demanded knowledge, well, thing is the good guys probably lost, or they retreated into another universe and now we’re stuck in hell and evil reigns, making us believe the ruling gods are good instead of hateful monsters who take pleasure in our suffering, because history is written (and is rewritten) by the winners, and those freak deities write fast paced page-turners for a bloodthirsty audience, they step on us, they test us, beat us, kill us, we used to be sure but now we doubt that we are the lucky ones, and we have a drink before the war and sit and wonder, we wonder how on earth we turned from snow whites into the seven dwarfs, from brand new convertibles into a bunch of piled up, unwanted spared parts, from protagonists into supporting characters, we wonder what we did wrong and nobody cares about our side of the story.