• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Drifting the Oceans

From the custard viscosity of the English Channel, I set out and travelled the seven seas.  The Mediterranean was bluer than your eyes and sparkled in the sunlight.  I captured a porpoise and held him on a lead of ribbon of satin, but his unhappiness begged me for release.  At the Cape of Good Hope, I near ran aground, I thought of the clippers bringing tea from India and wished I had some for you.  I would carry it in an ornate box coral pink and encrusted with pearls harvested from the oceans coral garden.  I swam in the Tasman sea, where the wind blew like the very devil and sails strained against the bellowing tempest and fantastic clouds. 

At last, in the Pacific I became becalmed in the translucent green shimmer and while I floated, comforted by the thought that you would wait for my return.  I gathered shells on the Californian shore and made a necklace to carry as I drifted homeward.  Traversing the Northwest passage, avoiding bears and rapid flowing rivers filled with rocks, I found my way to the North Atlantic, I collected ice crystals and kept them in my pocket for you to see the wonder in their patterns.  I captured a giant cod and battered it for tea and dried its skin and polished it till the scales shone like gold.  I floated on the current now, drifting down the coast of Scotland, passing the Isle of Man and the Welsh coast and reaching once more the English channel waving and shouting “Ahoy” to those on shore who saw my drifting heart hoping you had cast your net.