• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Dreaming of a Midnight Moon

As I dreamed, my never changing spots
flickering beams of moonlight,
reversed perspectives,

Spotlighting slumbering dragons,
resting a while their island spines,
rare white singing whales haunting lullabies,
calmed the waves and settled minds,
swaying to rhythms hidden from my ears,
under the moonlight, palms danced limpidly,
waves lapping shores whispered,
look about you,
mesmerised, I watched clouds dip,
low to kiss the ocean,

Taken twisting to the in-between,
a magic space I found,
where down, turns upwards
where bright as day, true night,
midnight and moonlight blazing,
burns away anxiety and incinerates regrets,


Dreaming of a Midnight Moon

I dreamt of a power, terrible and raw,
my heart, my soul, filled up and up,
threatening all I’d known before,
away, away, my dreams they cried,
look up, look down, look side to side,

Once more I heard the singing whales,
I saw the trees and how they swayed,
the dragon slumbering peacefully,
the gentle moonlight, the starlit sky,
spinning, I opened wide my arms,
to hug the clouds, to kiss the sea,

Love I found,
                     and love found me.