• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Dreaming Land

Salt rice pot dog cat logs
Hope scotch rum, apples wheat drum
Bees sticky sweet, flowers smell nice allergies
Eggs beans protein, hens lay chickens
Toast rye bread,
sodium bicarbonate baking soda yeast cocaine
Kids play with toys soldiers and guns for fame,
Hydration drink prime, life is now fun is later
Happiness trust faithfully, liar cheat marriage
Lemon juice tequila, rough busking homelessness
It’s not it, is it not what it isn’t, what isn’t it,
It’s not what it is,
it’s not what I think, it’s not what it looks like
It is what it is, I’ll see you later, see you whenever,
whatever the weather,
it looks like rain, my umbrella in the car,
I’m so happy,
Your crying, I’m here for you, your screaming,
I’m sorry,
you don’t understand,
I don’t know why I’ve been here dreamingly dreaming on,