• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Dream Unfulfilled

Ferrari Berlinetta
Ford GT40
E Type Jag
I owned them all
I owned them all when I was young
In my Lesney Matchbox collection
Sleek, curvaceous objects of youthful desire
I owned a Rolls Royce and a Bentley
And some more prosaic models
A Cortina like dad’s
A Vauxhall Victor too

I knew when I grew up, I’d be fabulously rich
I’d own all these cars, and others too
All full size, objects of adult desire
Sleek curves of glass and steel
Real walnut dashboard, a touch of class
I’d drive my gleaming cars
Glamorous cars
With glamorous companions
To glamorous destinations

I never became fabulously rich
Only owned one car at a time
And of the most prosaic kind
I still desire a glamorous car
But their time is nearly done
Soon they’ll all be scrap
Some crushed into solid cubes
Like the car in Goldfinger


Dream Unfulfilled

Some turned into works of art
Stacked one on the other
A totem to a life once lived
In the dreams of a little boy