• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Dream Is The Promised Land

Like yesterday, when I saw 
autumn leaves going upwards  

to claim what was their 
original place before the fall,  

the trees in the backyard looked 
happy and green again.  

In other words, dreams are 
what sustains and saves us 

if given in the right amount, 
like enough love to get through 

another day or a breath of fresh 
air to realize freedom is just 

beyond those barbed wires. 
It is stronger than hope 

because hope is a thing with 
feathers while dreams with hard 

claws. When the world kicks 
one with its many hooves, 

one has the option of going 
back to the comfort of sleep, 

to that strange land where love 
returns and chooses to stay,   


Dream Is The Promised Land

where mothers lean and kiss
and say, now the world belongs 

                                     to you.