• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Dream Guzzler

His nose twitched and his fur itched. It was night. It was time to go on the prowl. He sniffed his way on padded feet through the damp, dark streets. Until he caught the haunting, enticing aroma of someone who was restless in their sleep. He scurried to their side and with his eyes opened wide looked into their hearts and minds.

His furry face creased into a smile and his mouth opened wide. He sucked out the frightening, horrific images of the nightmare and smacked his lips. His victim drifted into a deeper, calmer and sweeter sleep.

He padded softly off, humming tunefully, as he went to imbibe the darkest images that infested anxious souls, because for him they were only another tasty nocturnal treat.