• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

Dream Boy

My childhood dreams,
plagued by monsters,
re-gendered my nights
and pushed me to take flight.

It took effort and will
to release myself from girl-hood,
from earthly pull, to push air
between the ground and me.

I remember the physicality
of it. I remember the rushing,
the concentration, sheer force
of mind elevating body.

A memory so palpable
that my ribs ache, loins tense
with the certainty that yes,
I flew, I was the dream boy.

I soared to telegraph poles
to perch above the solid
unpredictability of worldliness,
to escape the demons of constraint.

I took flight and the sky
was my benevolent sponsor,
tilting the world, just so, accepting
I might land, being who I am.