• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 03
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Draw Me A Tomorrow

I feel like I’m living in a cartoon
The bald guy said
A freeze-frame comic strip
Just me and a bed
It’s the old recurring question
“Oh why do I feel so bad?”
Is it some bleak existential crisis
Or all the whisky that I had?

Though of only two dimensions
Of this is what I’m made
It don’t ever stop me bleeding
Or from feeling betrayed
And sleeping alone
Sure makes me blue as well as grey
So, easy with those speech-bubbles, now
I ain’t got much to say

Maybe this shall be the last time
And I’ll see tomorrow no more
My name but dust forgotten
Till they come smash down my front-door
It’s not like I ever mattered
Except to the cat, my only mate
And she’ll soon find another schmuck
To lick and fill her plate


Draw Me A Tomorrow

But woah there! why so maudlin?
That's no way to carry on
This was supposed to be mildly entertaining
Well, it's all gone terribly wrong
Artist! come back here, and sharpen your pencil
You made me way too handsome to hide!
So quick and draw me the smartest black jumper
And two legs, please, I'm going outside!