• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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dramatic space drifting sequence

(after anne sexton)

humanity has truly severed the umbilical cord
of traditional logic                if you are searching for proof
of how bonkers we've gone                look no further
than about 384,400 kilometers away

it is 2019 and i would say our ideas about borders are dissolving
it seems that like pancakes on free pancake day
we are coming close to running out of frontiers            one by one they go
boldly burning & dissolving themselves like they are making
an uncontrolled atmospheric entry

there seems to be little future left
to contemplate                i'm left instead
to think about silly things like the flowers
withering in the dirt of their hospital beds
                                        my windowsill

oh, unstarry unstarry night! this is how
i want to die:

into that vacuum                years made of light
body as limp as a windless flag
split like an atom from humanity
and infinitely orbiting this mortal coil                one more
piece of floating debris