• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Wake up – you volunteered.
Wake up and do something before the very last minute and then shove any old thing
onto the customer.
But the designers had tired of the catwalks
And models
And fashionista …
And slept on, dragging out the boozy dream of utopia
Where people would just Fosberry flop off
and leave them alone
to mope about lockdowns and the illogic
of bankrupting BUSINESSES
SO CHILDREN – when not striking for climate –
could be educated to take their place in an economy
which by the time they qualify
Would be as much a Shangri La as the boozy dreams.

Prime carriers are set free maskless and without
Measure of distance
And it’s a surprise that the fictional R rate rises?

Wake up – you volunteered.
But the dunce slept on beneath a cap
made of press releases
and costly stats solicitation.