• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 01
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Down Under

You were delivered by mistake;
Tainted with overnight rum, or
Was it just leaky gum trees?
Either way, you wished I was there.
Alien landscapes with creepy crawlies
As big as your spade, apparently
Lounging lizards don't just frequent
In an Aussie prison.
You say you miss the rain,
English Autumns littered
With bendy, black umbrellas,
Charity shop offerings, and
Damp, London buses,
Your description
Of her,
In love with colourful birds,
Red and green flight feathers
Bunched into a jam jar,
Tree beetles that sound like
Sawmills, day and night.
I only find mucky, wet
Feathers, that cling to pavements.
I've never visited 'Down Under'
Until today, and the myth
Of kangaroos getting under your feet
Will become my new
'Did you know?'
I'm so glad you dropped in.