• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07


She always played a guessing game. Guess the tune as we ran in the fields. Guess what I’m thinking. Guess where I went in my dreams. I’m going to guess what flower you picked for me when you went out walking. That time you went out walking without me. She’d close her eyes and guess a flower I never picked for her. She would say she dreamt we lived in a painting. In a time long ago, where the fields we ran in were filled with all types of animals. She’d close her eyes and see into centuries before us. She’d guess the future and tell everyone about it. She guessed we’d see a double rainbow, one for her and one for me. She’d guess we’d have the same dream. I guessed that times would change. I guessed that we would grow up. I guessed we’d leave behind these fields. These fields where we’d run away. Where no-one could guess our hiding places. And we’d play notes that would get lost in the wind. These fields where she saw double rainbows, one for her and one for me.