• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Don’t you remember? They are where we come from

ET bloody terrified me – watching his life slip away,
shrivelled and grey, as humans ruined everything again.
I couldn't shift the ragged sadness and anger, fought
to save what I could: dragonfly in a spiderweb, fallen bees.

We watched Star Wars as we waited for news of my cat,
who had been hit by a car. I don't remember much,
just white, clinical spaceship rooms, that led so easily
to this dark, freeing vastness. I couldn't comprehend it.

I gave up on Toy Story after the third – they never end,
whenever you think everyone can be happy or, if not,
be somewhat settled, in your little room, your house,
with the tree outside, and no-one can move you onwards.

But those big hands move you onwards, it never ends,
as we ruin everything, as we fight to save what we can.
It all turns to grey, like the sky, a vastness. As we wait
for news we can't comprehend, we are bloody terrified.