• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04


It was a masterpiece, the boy preened as he skipped around the room. "Oh, it's going to be the prettiest of them all!" He threw his hands up in a twirl. "Daddy's be so proud. I'd done it all by myself, and no one else."

He clapped his hands together with glee, ignoring the chemical as it slowly suffocates his victim. The flexible polymer inches its way throughout the body. Slowly, it turns the organs to stone, filling the lungs, gradually stopping the heart.

No one, not even the boy, had noticed exactly when the chemical froze her horror stricken look, etched onto her face forevermore.

A door was kicked open. The sounds of thundering feet raced down the stairs to the basement but they were too late. They found him grinning, eerily so, at the masterpiece he had accomplished. Someone vomited, but he didn't care as long as it wasn't anywhere near his greatest work. They'll all become his dolls in the end.

"Look Daddy, see it's so pretty. Isn't Mommy pretty? Now, Mommy'll never leave us!" The boy reached over to tug on his daddy's shirt but he FLINCHED away. DADDY FLINCHED BACK!! HEFLINCHED. Daddy's going to leave! Daddy's leave me just like Mommy tried to. He can't. HE CAN'T. HE CAN'T.

The boy walked over and picked up the mallet next to mommy, that mommy was watching for him and turned to stride towards his daddy and daddy's mean friends who always, always take daddy away from him.

"Don't worry daddy, it won't hurt a bit," he brought the mallet up and swung, "Now we'll always be together."