• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08


Skinned ribs, panting and lined up
even an iota of love is enough to keep them caged
and chained for a lifetime—
their love is often confused with their submission

the boisterous nature of man ruling every species
sitting on the top of the food chilling
smiling down at everyone

Man hides behind his imperfect nature
of ruling everyone with complete perfection
canine, feline, avian—
treating everyone with no discrimination
such is the nature of the pure love dispensed by him

Who else needs to be domesticated
to prove the loving nature of man?
The display, the proud possession
cats, dogs, crows, ravens
the menagerie—
chained and caged for centuries

Time has been rubbed onto the sepia-tinged paper
the constant reaffirmation of man
to be loved out of free will
not out of submission
a fallacy in existence:
has been documented again and again.