• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Do not close your eyes

Like Oedipus,
They would have us blinded by our own hands,
Turn our vision myopic with our own relics.
They sit comfortable in the binaries they have created,
We thought we had broken and buried the constructs of US and Them….
They would have us benumbed to our own pain
And turn a blind eye to the insidious undercurrents of the movements which made us placid to the reality.

Today again the raised fists in protests
Beseech us to open our eyes
To see
To recognize
We are still standing on the shores of Philadelphia,
Shackled, chained, manacled.
The healed wounds were just skin deep,
Let them bleed anew!
Scrape off the scars!
Do not close your eyes till the world sings the unanimous song of harmony.