• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 10


On one side of this pain
You are standing with your arms
Outstretched to me–
Fearful of my reaction to
Something as forgivable as
An apology.

I do not tread lightly.
I am happy to fly freely
To you, racing through the air
But, you become unsure.
Where was our break?
When did we fall apart?

he sun is heavy with her
Heat, breathing loudly down
Our backs. She is tracking
Every sweaty drop of
Sadness leaving my face.
There you were, and now
You aren't.
Divided, the two of us
Learn a hard lesson.

Love isn't as difficult
As we make it.
We'll tear into anything,
Rip it to shreds,
Give it a new name,
Then wonder why it changed.



And none of it
Makes any sense.