• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

Distance Dancing

My kinesphere has been contained,
Confined. Two metres square
Has been my limit, everywhere.

Now, but now

My spring can be squeezed no more,
I need to stretch, I need to explore,
To dig, to jump, to stretch and dance,

I need a release from this trance,

Freed from socially distanced traps,
We raced to parks to spin, jump, and twirl
Leaping, shouting great whoops of joy,

And thanks.

To nature, who
Nurtures our bodies and our souls,
Who gives us our rhythms, who gives us goals,

Exploring, we turned to our inner child,

Digging for worms carpets just can’t sustain,
Fascinated, we watched ants fly, swallows feed,
While mesmerising butterflies danced for us, a polonaise

And bees, and bees

Busy working, no rest for them,
Essential, all together and all alone,
Doggedly determined, to pollinate


Distance Dancing

To please.

While we sung out loud
Clear soaring notes,
Rivalling the springs song of birds,

Distance dancing,

Laughing, communicating,
To all the world of
Our joy, our hopes, our dreams.

We fantasised that we might fly

Jason leapt and leaped all day,
While I caught by a camera,
Appear gifted to balance true on water,

The sky our limit the earth our root

We danced and played all day,
Our memories record
Camera contained,

In a safe and socially distanced way.