• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 03
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it’s Monday
M for meeting
                                                            and Mandy
            who'll be looking smug
the lift button still doesn’t work
Doors opening
twenty minutes late
tight        smiles all        round
                                                                 look down
and frown in the fuss of
unzippingbags and throwingmycoatoverthechair
switch on
                   sit down

mug        teabag   milk spoon
Mandy is telling Adam
how her cake raised thousands
Adam gasps indulgently
he has a laugh like money
they would make a good couple I need
to speak to him about the report only
one day until the deadline



ten thirty am       right
let’s get this done
Doors opening
‘Annual Report 2018’
      page 12

(Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, Mozart)

                            look up

out of the window
and into next door’s shadows
two guys are carrying whiteboards
as though they’re dancing

one     of the
     in front     other

they go round       once
again              and again
                                                  what are they doing

bright lights meeting
with Adam in an hour
                                                  need to call bakery about
                                                  birthday cake



Doors opening
                                                  Meera has Wasabi again
Doors opening
the microwave melts our plastic-box meals
there’s a queue
                                                  Google search

calling bakery
                                                  why don’t they ever answer
there’s no milk
the office manager sighs
Doors opening

                                                  five to three
tea       no milk
the door clicks
Adam      and      I
                                                 he has a stain on his shirt
I explain the difficulties of the report
there’s not enough data
      he says budget is tight
the format didn’t work last year
      he says this year it might
                                                 a train passes underground
we schedule a meeting next week



the guys are still wrapped
around whiteboards
I adjust the levers on my chair
Doors opening
Doors opening