• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 03
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Dimensional Reduction

It was decided.
That raindrops would be flattened
into disks
and rainbows folded up.
Like hand fans.

That I would wake up the next day
lacking all perspective.

Unable to tie knots in my stomach
the spaghetti from last night
had folded into sheets
and gave me a migraine in four different sides.
Of my head.

Alphabets clamored around
in the vacant spaces.
Of my head.
Bouncing off each other from random collisions
in all directions.
Like billiard balls.
Unable to stick,
only two words remained.


Dimensional Reduction

A and I.
Mouth wide open in a circle
I let out a scream
barely one moment long.
Forget that infinite one
passing through nature.
What was an unbearably orange sky
is now cloud.
Over my head.

And now that I had let that A out
I had only word left.
In my head.

What can I do with it?
Can I trade it with you?
Or can you give me your I?
And you too, please?
Maybe I can stack them up
in a line long enough
for me to climb out.
Of my head.

Or maybe you can take it
and then I can finally walk around.
Searching for even fewer dimensions.
To collapse into.