• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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Diesel Rabbit

Worst car I ever bought,
a diesel Rabbit that spouted
a smoky blue cloud
which was legal, mind you,
diesel fumes not a ticket offense
(thank you, trucking lobby)
but obnoxious to the world
so cops would tail me,
cite me for driving 26 in a 25 zone,
cite me for failure to signal a right turn,
stop me for long hair
and a FUCK REAGAN bumper sticker
(which I challenged and won).
It was cheap to operate
but finally I junked it
as no one would buy it
but sometimes I miss the Eighties,
the greed decade,
Reagan and Kissinger killing peasants
by proxy in Nicaragua,
the whole ugly passage of
glam-rock, Trivial Pursuit,
while we were raising our babies
in sensuous poverty,
a car that went zero to sixty in fifteen minutes
when lucky,
growing strong kids, happy kids, smart kids,
the scent of blue smoke
on a cold morning.